As Frederick Doot:

- "Throw a Gem" Free to read at Every Day Fiction

- "Last Stop" Free to read at The Writer's Arena 

Dragons, Droids and Doom co-edited with Iulian Ionescu by Fantasy Scroll Magazine


As Rick Tood:

- "The Black and The Blue" in Disturbed Digest March 2015, available from Alban Lake Publishing

- "She was..." the stort story is available for $0.25 at Quarter Reads

- The paperback Speculations from New Jersey anthology featuring 16 short stories of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror is available HERE

EDITING (Current):

- Chief Editor, Totally New Games
- Associate Game Designer, Editor; Zombacane: The Card Game
- Managing Editor, Fantasy Scroll Magazine
- Fear of the Dark (non-fiction horror film review manuscript) by Phil Miller
- Freelance copy editor of 30-40 blogs (weekly) by ESL Authors

EDITING (Previous):

- The Fastnacht League (novel) by Greg Miller - Co-Editor
- Vision in Action (non-fiction) by David March- Chief Editor
- Speculations from New Jersey (short story anthology) - Co-Copyeditor


As Frederick Doot:

Short Stories
- "The Day Before the Last" (Seeking a Home)
- "Slip Sliding Away" (Seeking a Home)
- "Wait" (Seeking a Home)

- "The Beauty of Grey" (In Progress)

- Seeking Sal (In Progress)
- Songs of Sand and Sun - A Collection of Short Stories Inspired by the Lyrics of Roger Clyne (In Progress)

- The Fastnacht League (Adapted from Greg Miller's Novel) (In Progress)
- Houseless (Original)(In Progress)
- An Imperfect Utopia (Original) (In Progress)
- My Friend Jack (Adapted from Novelette) (In Progress)
- Neorxnawang (Original) (In Progress)
- Seeking Sal (Adapted) (In Progress)
- Ten Days in the Madhouse (Adapted)(In Progress with Tony Barone)

As Rick Tood (Speculative Fiction Pseudonym):

Short Stories
- "The Beep" (Seeking a Home)
- "Darkest Day" (Seeking a Home)
- "Dr. Wanderling and the Strange Spring at Panther Mountain" (In Progress)
- "Feelings Ajar" (In Progress)
- "From Source to Sea" (In Progress)
- "Meowing" (In Progress)
- "Whisper in the Wind" (In Progress)

- Reaching Out (In Progress)

- Min's Monster (Adapted) (In Progress)

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