Every writer is at a different level in their craft, and every story is at a different stage in its life. The BEST way for us to make your work thrive is for me to see a sample to determine what level of editing is required. This will also provide you with a “test drive” of my editing talents and style so you can determine whether I’ll be worth your time and investment (although I am humbly confident you will be satisfied.)

For longer work (let’s say over 10k words), you can send me a couple pages of your work (about 500 or so words) for a free sample edit. From there, we can determine our next plan of action. Feel free to email me and we will discuss what you’ve done, what you need done, and where you want to go with your work. Here are some of the options available to you:

General Critique/Beta Reading

$.005 per word – For just half a penny per word, you’ll receive a general critique of your work. My focus will be on macro elements of your story (character development, plot, pacing, prose/ grammar). I will grade each element of your story and provide brief comments on your strengths and weaknesses.


Starting at $0.02 per word – At just two cents per word, you'll receive your manuscript edited for grammar, spelling, diction, and clarity. I use Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature to allow you to see and accept/reject my suggested edits as you review my work. Your work will also receive the services of a General Critique/Beta Reading as well.

Substantive Editing

Starting at $0.03 per word - At three cents per word, you're getting it all *insert Ooohs and Ahhs*. You'll receive your manuscript fully edited for grammar, spelling, diction, and clarity; specific comments on character development, plot, pacing, and prose (comments within the document as well as macro comments at the end of each chapter).

You'll also receive a free half hour of personal consultation for every 10k words of edited work either in person (if you live in the north NJ area), or over the phone or Skype.

Aaaand, you'll also receive an additional Critique/Beta Reading of your work after you'll applied all my suggested edits and changes.

Our goal here is to make sure your work is fully polished and ready to submit to an agent, publisher, or self-publish.


For all my services, please note that while we are working together, consider me available for any questions or concerns you may have along the way. I'm just an email away and will make every effort to get back to you within a few hours with an answer or a place to get the answers you seek. I've been graced with some incredible people who have helped me along the way, and I consider it an honor to help you on your quest for awesomeness.

The economy stinks for many of us, I know, and you might be a starving artist like me. I want you to succeed, and will work with you to see you achieve your goals. We can talk about what services I can provide within your budget and discuss payments as needed. I’ll be as flexible as possible.

I'm also available for consultation over the phone, skype or in person at $50 per hour.


In case you hadn't heard, I'm a writer too! Whether it's ghost-writing a manuscript, converting a synopsis or treatment into a feature length spec script, or just copy-writing, I'm your man. Feel free to email me to discuss my Writing Services to learn how I can help you.

Hey!!! What the heck are you doing all the way down here? Get writing!!!

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