Monday, March 24, 2014

On doot's On Writing..

"Good things come to those who wait."

- Hannibal Lecter

Hello there, and welcome to doot's On Writing. Glad you decided to visit. Please, pull up a seat, we're gonna be here a while.

Actually, this entry's gonna be brief, as I've got a lot more to go over. 

I will be updating this blog weekly with a topic on writing. Probably on Tuesdays. Perhaps Monday if I'm ambitious. Possibly Wednesdays if the week's kicking my arse.

The first few weeks will probably be devoted to beginner topics, including the Rushmore of Rules (Show don't Tell, Excessive Adverbs = B.A.D., stuff like that) but as we move along, I'll delve into intermediate and advanced topics like: Narration Types; Using Mindmaps to Outline; Cumulative Syntax; and other big words... 

And I won't just be talking about writing itself, but I'll tackle topics such as the Self-Publishing Market, Manuscript Formatting, Query Letters, etc.

I've got 78 topics right now in various stages of development (kinda like my fiction In Progress list!), so this blog'll be running for at least a year and a half. Hope you're still following us in a year.

Now, one thing to remember -- what I'll be talking about is simply advice on writing. It's my opinion, based on hundred, no, thousands of hours of attending lectures and panels, participating and running writers groups, reading books on writing (two shelves worth), reading literature, and the trial by fire of writing (often poorly) and learning from the mistakes. My advice will work for some of you; it may not work for all of you. And that's okay.

One week I'll talk about Writing What You Know, and the next week I'll contradict myself with advice on Writing What You Don't Know. Take what you can from these posts, apply what you think it'll work, and post here your thoughts, opinions, and your own advice. 

I'd like this blog to be interactive. Comments are welcome and encouraged. And if you have a topic you want me to talk about, shoot me an email and I'll get it out ASAP. We've got a ways to go, but we'll get there.

 Please stick with me; I promise I'll do my best to make it worth your time. Thanks for reading.

Now Get Writing!!!

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